Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring Summer Collections

Yohji Yamamoto Mainline
Always beautiful, gorgeous tailoring with the magical quality that we love about Yohji. We are in love with the Spring Summer Yohji Yamamoto Mainline collection and Y's. Suiting in the mainline is highlighted with  the balance of velvet and soft ruffled white shirts. The Y's touches on Moroccan colours and fabrics along with some basic knits, culottes, braced pants with neat jackets and waistcoats.

Comme des Garcons Mainline

We are excited to announce for the first time Comme des Garcons Mainline collection in LEFT. The collection is a more structured look than Comme Comme with more attention to details with laces, silk flowered fronted tops and dresses, silk bloomers and a latticed sleeved jacket worn with wide legged suit pants. It is a must see. Also we have a ever favourite Comme Comme. This season is one of spots, checks, stripes and lace. There are lace over gingham summer dress, tunics teamed with crisp white peter pan shirts with black bow ties and striped and spot T's.

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